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2018 Ordo Kalendar


2018 Calendar
10 x 12 & 5/8 inches
12 pages with hole punch for hanging

This year’s calendar features the art of The Master of the Borders of the Four Fathers of the Church, an engraver who flourished c. 1470-1480 in the vicinity of Cologne.

The Master of the Borders was a practitioner of metalcut, a technique of relief printmaking that was very popular in the second half of the fifteenth century. The popularity of metalcut coincided with the rise of the printing press, as it provided an inexpensive means of illustrating mass-produced books. However, the artistic limitations of the process, particularly in terms of depth representation, caused it to be superseded by other techniques by the mid-sixteenth century.
The images in this year’s calendar depict episodes from the life of Christ, and were most likely used to illustrate a psalter or book of hours. In the spirit of the original context, they are presented here in association with a relevant feast. It is hoped that they will provide insight into the devotion of ages past and inspiration in the present day.



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